Workshop with the musicorganisation Songsalive in L.A! Workshop med musikorganisationen Songsalive i L.A! Workshopi musikisorganisatcia Songalivetan L.Ashi. The largest international non-profit membership organization & social community for songwriters and composers, since 1997.

I had such a lovely time @ MUSE on 8th! Many thanks to the wonderful Annie Boxell! Livevideo Los Angelesidan, Musesshi. Didi madloba Annie Boxelli videosatvis! Här kommer en videoinspelning från mitt framträdande på MUSE on 8th, stort tack till fantastiska eldsjälen Annie Boxell!    

Live performance @ Kulak´s Woodshed in North Hollywood - a live streaming multi camera music venue and studio.! It was so much fun and lovely respons! Live video coming up soon! Livespelning på Kulak´s Woodshed i norra Hollywood. En väldigt härlig spelning med rörande fin respons! Video kommer snart! Konserti  Kulak´s Woodshedze Hollywoodshi! Dzalian magari iqo da live video [...]

Photoshoot in Py25 Studio, downtown (Fashion District) in Los Angeles! We had so much fun & the view was AMAZING! Super photos coming soon! 🙂 Photographer: Py Pai Make up & Hair: Sara Velez Py Pai, an internationally published photographer (Maxim, Esquire, W&HM, and other print / web publications) specializes in model portfolio, lookbook, fashion, and headshots photography. Fotografering i Py25 Studio, downtown [...]