Sabina_Chantouria_Photo_By_Mehdi_Amiri (2)
Photo: Mehdi Amiri

One of the new rising stars in Swedish popmusic (Demobanken SE).

She´s got the look. and the sound. Sabina Chantouria is the future of Swedish Pop & Folk. (Nöjesbloggen, Olle Berggren)

Sabina Chantouria is a Swedish/Georgian singer and songwriter. Together with her guitar and song, she ´ll take you on a journey through a popland, where no one is left unaffected. Her new single and video Stranger is now released (27th of January 2017) in collaboration with the Swedish musicpublishing company Sweden Songs.

Sabina Chantouria was one of this year´s finalists in the Georgian National Final for Eurovision and is now releasing her single Stranger in collaboration with Sweden Songs. Music and lyrics are written by Sabina Chantouria and the song is produced by Amir Aly in YLA-Studios, Malmö.

The combination of beauty and controversy has always fascinated Sabina, just like honesty and frankness. ”What fascinates me about music is how you can create worlds of nearness, dream away, and recognize yourself”. A voice from the music network ReverbNation: ”Direct powerful and impelling, slicing directly to the heart with honest power. Finally, music with teeth, heart and soul!”