The Me & Myself and I Show by Vimal Korpal on Big City Radio UK – March 10th!

Very excited to be featured at The Me & Myself and I Show by Vimal Korpal on Big City Radio UK in Birmingham, this Wednesday, 10th of March at 7 pm (UK time) Tune in here!

The show will also air on the radiostations below this week:

Nu på onsdag (10/3) kl 20 svensk tid spelas min musik i The Me & Myself and I Show med Vimal Korpal på Big City Radio UK i Birmingham! Klicka här för att lyssna!

Programmet sänds även i radiostationerna nedan under veckan:

chemi simghera Fire and Flame gamova Big City Radio-shi, Birminghamshi gadacema The Me & Myself and I Show, otxshabat 10 marts 23 tbilisis droit. ak aris shegidzliat mousminot, es radio-gadacema aseve etershi ikneba radioarxebze qvemot:

Non Stop Music in WalesFriday at 2-4 pm (UK time). Fredag kl 15-17 (svensk tid). paraskevs 18-20 (tbilisis droit)

Hive Radio UK Tuesday 7-9 pm (UK time) and Thursday 11 am – 01 pm (UK time). Tisdag kl 20-22 (svensk tid) samt torsdag kl 12-14 (svensk tid). samshabat 23-01 tbilisis droit, da xutshabat 15-17 tbilisis droit.

Vertical Radio, India Tuesday 8-9.30 pm (IST). Tisdag kl 15.30-17 (svensk tid). samshabat 18.30 tbilisis droit.

Fallen Angel Radio, USA Tuesday 11 pm-12 am (GMT). Onsdag kl 05 (svensk tid), otxshabat 08 tbilisis droit.