National TV Imedi-Georgia & didi madloba!!

378781_4575666549070_965402720_nTHANK YOU for a wonderful concert and the great support!! 3 national broadcasting companys filmed it! This is the link to IMEDI National Georgian TV (look at the yellow clock on the TV screen at 07.53 and you´ll see me) They filmed a part of the concert and also made an interwied with me and with Nana Janashia who organazied the concert.

DIDI MADLOBA qvela rom moxvedit da keteli survilebisatvis, da didi madloba Nana Janashia! Ak aris gamotsenis linki “dilit” IMEDI National Georgian TV,(chemi gamosvla aris 07.53 qviteli saati TV-ekrandze)DSCN2302