Blood On Your Hands (Official Music Video)

Music and Lyrics by Sabina Chantouria

Credits: Director: Director: Tea Vatsadze
Cinematography: Erekle Sologhashvili
Production Team: Aki Manuki, Mohammad Pourdanesh
Editing: Tea Vatsadze
Color correction: Niko Tarielashvili 
Special Thanks: Roma Zurabiani, Lamara Khomasuridze, Eteri Shantadze, Mariam Babluani, Mzia Mchedlishvili, Natia Tsiklauri, Marina Kirakosiani, Iamze Beridze, Zuka Zviaduri, Cafe Amalia and all the others that we couldn’t mention but were with us participating in the creation of the video. 
Shot on Location: Tetri Tsqaro, Georgia, 2022. Chameleon Productions

“Blood On Your Hands portrays how ordinary people always pay the highest price in war, in the cruel game of power. It’s about how time goes by leaving open wounds and the longing to go back to a place that only lives in the memory. The song is also about hope, to one day return to the land once called home. It’s also about remembering and keeping memories alive, memories before the war.” – Sabina

Music produced by Roma Giorgadze, Bzikebi Studio, Tbilisi.

Blood On Your Hands – music and lyrics written by Sabina Chantouria
Label: Sabina Chantouria Sach Music (2022)