Fire and Flame -თეხტი და მუსიკა დაწერილია საბინა ჭანტურიას მიერ  – Label: Sach Music (2019)

Fire and Flame – written by Sabina Chantouria
Label: Sach Music (2019)

Credits: Director: Aline Nader @alinenader.
Producer/Creative Director Chad Schollmeyer @highfidelitypictures
Director of Photography: Christopher Fox @foxesfotos
Production Designer: Matt Withers @mattwithers_
Art Department: Yoan Hermelin @Gaulois
Make-Up/Hair Sara Velez @sarabellummm
Set Photographer: Ju Charao @throughju
Edited By: Aline Nader
Color/VFX: Christopher Fox
Featuring: Sabina Chantouria, Yoan Hermelin
Special Thanks: Joseph, Helena and Nathan Enyati
Shot on Location: Studios60, Los Angeles CA.
A High Fidelity Pictures production

Music produced by Kevin Jarvis, Sonic Boom Room, Los Angeles
Drums: Kevin Jarvis
Keyboard: Carl Byron
Bass: Gregg Sarfaty
Barytone/electric guitar: Gregg Sarfaty
Vocal and harmonies: Sabina Chantouria
Electric guitar: Sabina Chantouria

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